Gian the Gin arrives in Milan, and in everyone’s “Gian & Tonic”!

On October 6, in the wonderful setting of the Bulk bar, a Mixology & Food Bar in Milan, The Spiritual Machine co-founders Matteo Fornaca and Elisa Cravero participated in an event that enchanted the Lombard capital and perfumed its guests with notes of bergamot. Gian the GIN What event are we talking about? The launch […]

We were at BNC, the most important fair in the Spirit industry – Wunderbar!

bar convent berlin

When you leave your heart somewhere, it’s hard not to come back. Almost irresistible – and indeed we were there again this year! What is BCB? Bar Convent Berlin, hosted in the Messe exhibition centre in the German capital, is the leading international trade fair for the Bar and Beverage industry in Europe.  All the […]

A really … cool project!

What do we at TSM? You could say we make dreams come true. Too cheesy? Read on… Remember the Competition ‘Create Your Spirit’? As you know, ‘Create Your Spirit’ was born to allow any creative, dreamer or Spirit enthusiast to turn their dream into reality, to make a totally unique and innovative product from an […]