We were at BNC, the most important fair in the Spirit industry – Wunderbar!

bar convent berlin

When you leave your heart somewhere, it's hard not to come back. Almost irresistible - and indeed we were there again this year!

What is BCB?

Bar Convent Berlin, hosted in the Messe exhibition centre in the German capital, is the leading international trade fair for the Bar and Beverage industry in Europe. 

All the major players, visitors, and exhibitors involved in the Beverage industry gather at this fair every year to make new contacts, learn about the latest product innovations and attend seminars to deepen their expertise.

We were there

For our part, we formed a brave team, led by Elisa, who left at dawn by car from Turin to Berlin, well-prepared (the bottles in the car were many!) for a long and adventurous journey to the mythical BCB.

How did we find the fair again? Before the pandemic this event was really gigantic, last year, however, in the post-pandemic recovery, it had been really micro…this year it had returnend to its former glory!

All the big names in the industry were there, along with many micro-distilleries, craft spirits brands, bartenders from all over the world, Mixology champions, journalists, importers, and distributors. And of course The Spiritual Machine!

Did someone say Vermouth?

We had the opportunity to participate in BCB with a small (but well-stocked!) exhibition booth thanks to CEI Piemonte. Feedback? The main one: so much demand for vermouth!

So many people from all over the world stopped by our booth curious about bottles, especially vermouth bottles. We had many of our products tasted and they were really appreciated! The versatility of vermouth, which can be used either in Mixology by top bars that are always looking for new spirits to mix, or as an apéritif or after-dinner drink, decreed the great success we had in front of the BCB tasters.

We met many people, some of them really interesting…and now they are works-in-progress! We hope to open many new projects soon.

Stay tuned

In short, the BCB is kind of our home and we couldn’t miss it this year. Where there is innovation in the Beverage industry we are there too, putting another flag in our space mission to revolutionise the world of Craft Spirits, one botanical at a time.

In the picture below you can see our co-founder Mat sending us love from the TSM stand.

matteo dispenza berlin bar convent

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